Glevum Fixtures for 2017

Date Opponents Time Rinks Dress Location
 Thu 27th Barnwood 6:30pm 5 Greys Away
 Thu 4th Gloucester Spa 6:30pm 5 Greys Home
 Thu 11th Gloucester Co-op 6:30pm 5 Greys Home
 Thu 18th Pineholt 6:30pm 5 Greys Away
 Thu 25th Gloucester City 6:30pm 5 Greys Home
 Thu 1st Winget 6:30pm 5 GREYS Away
 Thu 8th EDF Energy (rained off) 6:30pm 5 Greys Home
 Thu 15th Sir Thomas Rich's 6:30pm 5 Greys Away
 Thu 22nd Cear Glow 6:30pm 5 GREYS Home
 Thu 29th Barnwood (rained off) 6:30pm 5 GREYS Home
 Thu 6th Gloucester Spa 6:30pm 5 GREYS Away
 Thu 13th Gloucester Co-op 6:30pm 5 GREYS Away
 Thu 20th Pineholt 6:30pm 5 GREYS Home
 Fri 21st EDF Energy (re-arranged from 8th June, rained off) 6:30pm 5 Greys Home
 Thu 27th Gloucester City 6:30pm 5 GREYS Away
 Thu 3rd Winget 6:00pm 5 Greys Home
 Mon 14th EDF Energy (re-arranged from 21st July) 6:00 5 Greys Home
 Thu 17th EDF Energy 6:00pm 5 GREYS Away
 Thu 24th Sir Thomas Rich's (moved to 7th Sept) 6:00pm 5 GREYS Home
 Tue 29th Barnwood (Cancelled) 6:00pm 5 Greys Home
 Thu 31st Cear Glow 6:00pm 5 GREYS Away
 Thu 7th Sir Thomas Rich's (from 24th Aug) 6:00pm 5 GREYS Home

Other information for 2017

March 17th 2017 Sign On night, at 7:30 in Main Club
April 15th 2017 Opening the Green, at 2:30pm
September 24th 2017 Closing of Green, at 2:30
November 17th 2017 AGM, at 7:30 in Main Club